[LEAKED] Samsung budget TIZEN phone to be launched in INDIAN market

By | 29/09/2014

[LEAKED] Samsung budget TIZEN phone to be launched in INDIAN market Recently we have published in our website about the latest firefox OS based entry level smartphone that hits Indian market.

After Android there are so many smartphone OS has been evolved but none of them are comparable to Android yet.
For example: The Tizen OS, Sailfish OS, Ubuntu touch, Firefix OS and many more.
Out of the leading smartphone OS alternatives, Sailfish based Jolla has been launched and firefox OS based entry level smartphone has also been launched.
Samsung had officially announced for the Tizen flagship phone, The Samsung Z which has not been realesed and yet and been delayed already.
But there is a rumour that after Firefox OS, Samsung is launching Tizen OS based and targeting the entry level smartphone market in INDIA.

Although we don’t have the full hardware specifications but it will be a dual SIM device, it will have 3.2 MP camera and will be running Tizen 2.3 OS version.

[TIZEN OS based entry level phones by SAMSUNG]

Recently we saw that still some more room is there for new players in the very entry level segment as we have seen Firefox OS has made a well beginning in that.
More the competition in market, the more affordable will be the price of devices.

Although Samsung has not announced this officially but it seems like Samsung is preparing to launch Tizen OS based devices very soon.
Lets wait and see how Tizen is introducing and performing in the market.

Till then stay tuned to get more such updates.

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