Facebook brings internet.org platform for developers

By | 04/05/2015

Today, facebook has introduced the Internet.org Platform, an open program for developers to easily create services that integrate with Internet.org.

Mark zuckerberg, the Creator of internet.org says:

Our goal with Internet.org is to work with as many developers and entrepreneurs as possible to extend the benefits of connectivity to diverse, local communities. To do this, we’re going to offer services through Internet.org in a way that’s more transparent and inclusive.

Internet.org of facebook is dependant on non-exclusive mobile operators. This means facebook is not partnering with limited mobile operators but open to almost all. Now facebook only knows what is there behind the non-exclusive partnership with the mobile operators.

Facebook has come up with the following approach:

These websites are very simple and data efficient, so the mobile operators can offer these for free in an economically sustainable way.Websites do not pay to be included, and operators don’t charge developers for the data people use for their services.

We’re building an open platform and anyone who meets these guidelines will be able to participate.

Guidelines for participation in internet.org platform:

Explore the entire internet:
The Internet.org Platform aims to give people valuable free services that they can use to discover the entire wealth of online services and, ultimately become paying users of the internet.
Services should encourage the exploration of the broader internet wherever possible.

Websites that require high-bandwidth will not be included. Services should not use VoIP, video, file transfer, high resolution photos, or high volume of photos.

Technical specifications:
Websites must be built to be optimized for browsing on both feature and smartphones and in limited bandwidth scenarios.

Further more if you are a web developer or a service provider you can think to join internet.org platform right here.

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