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How to Configure vncserver in Fedora

Vnc server and vnc viewer is used to Remote Access in most of the Linux machines like Fedora, RHEL, Ubuntu or any other Linux distro. Sometimes it is necessary for System Administrators and developers to access a Linux machine remotely. Usually things can be done via SSH but you cannot do graphical stuffs using SSH.… Read More »

How to Download, Extract and update the Linux Kernel source

When you are starting to learn Linux programming or Device driver development, then the first thing you need is the Linux Kernel which is available in a zipped archive format from Sometimes I just download the kernel to browse source code of some modules. How to download the Linux kernel source? You just go… Read More »

[VIM] Removing new line at the End Of File in VIM

Vim is the best text editor when it comes to speed, handy and features comparison with any other text editor in this world. You will understand this if you are a UNIX user, administrator or a developer and more importantly if you really know how powerful VIM is. Anyways, today I am going to tell… Read More »

Cstyle coding standard: All you want to know about

What is Cstyle programming and why should we use this? Basically Cstyle is a coding standard for programming languages such as C program or any other programming language. As a beginner when we start coding we never follow this or any kind of coding standard. But at work place or as part of industry standard… Read More »

Xilinx Interview Questions for Linux Device Driver developer

Xilinx Interview Questions here I present is for a Linux Device Driver developer. The interview that I attended for Xilinx India Technology Services Pvt Ltd. for a Senior Engineer post and the requirement was for Linux Device Driver Developer. There were a total 5 rounds of technical interview questions all related to Linux Device Driver… Read More »

Divided By Zero: What Happens When it Occurs on a System

“Divided by Zero” exception, what is this? This is a good question and you must know the answer which will lead you to know a system better. When I was a beginner and learning Embedded Systems Design, I came across this situation when I was programming in C. Now I got a clearer picture on… Read More »