About Us

The tag line of InfySim “Information Simplified” seems to be quite self explanatory.
Yes. Yes, we will deliver all complex things in a simplified manner, where you will find all technical stuffs from around the world crafted by us and delivered to your finder tips.

For instance we will provide you the Latest technical news, reviews, tips and tricks on Technology, Mobile phones, OS hacks, Gaming and lot more to cherish your Geeky Experience.
The contents will be enough detailed.
Each and every bit of information will be clarified to the root or some external links will be provided for the users to get the clarity on certain technologies wherever applicable.

Today’s information may be useless for tomorrow.
We believe time is the only thing that is responsible for change.
So it’s our pleasure to keep your technical vocabulary updated and for the same the contents will be delivered to you in a timely fashion.

That’s all for now.
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