Action Launcher v46 finally add custom colors after years of requests


Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central What you need to know Action Launcher v46 is rolling out to users with some seemingly small but quite important updates. After years of requests, Quicktheme can now use custom, manually set colors and hex code colors! YAY!!! You can now automatically back up your Action Launcher layout to Google Drive. Some more adaptive icon shapes have been added to match the Android 11 Beta shapes. The actual change log for Action Launcher v46 is rather short, but what’s is here is so very, very exciting that I can’t really help myself from a little schoolgirl SQUEEEEEE. See, one of the biggest issues I’ve had with Action Launcher for years and years was how you were at the mercy of Quicktheme’s algorithm for the colors you could use in Action Launcher to tint the various launcher elements like folder icons, the app drawer, dock and so forth. Last year. Action Launcher added the ability to pick from the standard Material Design palette for Quicktheme, but there was still no way to set your own custom colors to expertly match your wallpaper or theme. After years of users like me begging and pestering, Chris Lacy…



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