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A B.Tech degree holder with more than 5 years of experience on Embedded Systems design domain. He has worked on Aerospace domain, NAND storage, Server storage and Wireless networking.

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How to Copy Directory in Linux / Unix

If you are looking to copy a directory in Linux using a command line, then here I have explained what command to use to copy a folder in Linux or

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How To Protect Contents and Images On A Site From Being Copied or duplicated

Copying an image or some text from a webpage is not really a hard task and nobody stops you from copying the contents. But sometimes the content may be precious

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How to protect images from hotlink or being copied

In one of my posts I had explained how to save your contents from being duplicated by other websites. Protecting your content is very much important if you are into

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Why and How to setup Cloudflare for WordPress for FREE

Cloudflare is one of the best Free CDN options for small business websites or small blogs. Her goes How to setup Cloudflare for your Self Hosted WordPress or any other

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7 ways to Protect WordPress site from Getting Hacked

You have already taken the first step to protect WordPress site from unauthorized access by reaching here. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced blogger, you have

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How to Add AMP support for bbPress Forum

As mobile phone search has already surpassed Desktop searches in 2016, Google the search engine giant is focusing more on AMP based pages to show on top of it’s search

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How to Create a USB Bootable Ubuntu Linux Live Disk

Looking to make a Live Ubuntu Linux USB disk? then you have arrived at the right place. Here I will provide you direct download link to the Ubuntu Linux ISO

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How to Learn Linux with an Online Linux Terminal

Are you looking for some online linux terminals to work with?? Yes, there are some Linux terminals available online which will be helpful for you to learn Linux on the

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How to Learn Linux Without Having a Linux Machine?

Wondering how to learn Linux without having a Linux PC with you?? You might be thinking, is it really possible or you’re just kidding me?? Trust me it’s all possible

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How to Configure vncserver in Fedora

Vnc server and vnc viewer is used to Remote Access in most of the Linux machines like Fedora, RHEL, Ubuntu or any other Linux distro. Sometimes it is necessary for