Call+ : Make unlimited free calls anywhere in the World

Anything that comes free is really attractive in nature, isn’t it.
And that too if it is free calling.
Call+ is such an application that really made anywhere calling in the world absolutely free of cost.
It sounds unbelievable but oh man, I am really impressed of this Android Application.

[Call+ : Calls to REAL phones]

How it works:

Lets say a person X wants to call person Y.
Then person X has to install the Call+ application and register his/her phone number.
And the person X has to have a working internet connection.
After registration person X can make calls to the person Y and person Y did not have to install any application or anything alike.

You can dial to any number(with a country code of course) using the in-app dialer.

Advantages over other similar apps out there:

Most of the application provides client to client calling facilities.
Lets say facebook. You can only call a facebook member and not to his/her phone number.

This Call+ application lets you call anywhere in the world for completely free.
For now the first 10,000 users will get 1 full day of unlimited free calls.
For now it covers 85 countries and it does not require a client application on the other phone where you are calling.

How to get it:

Below is the download link for Android users:
Call+ on Google Play Store

Cheers. Have fun and stay tuned to get more of such updates.

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