List of 30+ High DA PA Dofollow Backlinks Sites

If you have started a blog and looking to bring more traffic then you need to increase its visibility (basically the ranking) on Google.

Basically, you need dofollow backlinks from high authority websites that will increase your blogs ranking which in turn increase the visibility on Google SERP and it will help getting organic traffic and will make you earn more money from your blog.

If you get high DA PA dofollow backlinks from authority websites it will pass good amount of link juice to your site and eventually your overall site rank will increase.

This is known as off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique.

Building dofollow backlinks from high domain authority sites is a tough task, but it is much needed and it surely helps in the long run.

To make thing easier for you, I have a list of 30+ dofollow backlinks from high DA domains which will surely help you in your link building strategy.

But building authority backlinks is not the only thing you need to increase blog traffic. You need something else too.

Let’s look at some of the basics before starting anything else.

What is a Backlink?

You have a blog or a website.

If I will link your blog from my website ( then you will get a backlink.

And not only just my website, if any other website links your blog in the whole internet you will get a backlink.

I have a picture that explains how it may look like.

The more high DA websites (otherwise known as a domain) link to the homepage or any URL on your blog, the better it is for your website to get ranked on Google.

So, basically backlinks are good for your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

But not just any link, rather, only those high quality backlinks are highly preferred.

Because link building is an SEO technique which influences the ranking of a website on search result, people go out and build backlinks everywhere.

In most cases no high DA domain will link to a new website on their blog posts. So people go out and create backlinks in comments. This created blog commenting spam.

Eventually, this spamming thing gave birth to nofollow backlinks.

Let’s look at the difference between nofollow and dofollow before moving on!

Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks

Any writing that you see in the whole internet is more or less written in HTML.

So, to link your blog, I need to add the below HTML code:

<a href="link to your blog">Some Anchor Text</a>

By default this is called as a dofollow backlink.

Let’s understand a bit more about these dofollow backlinks.

Significance of Dofollow backlinks

Now, if a link is marked as a dofollow backlink, then the linked website will get ranking benefits by the search engines.

Let’s say Google, when it crawls my website and finds a dofollow backlink to your blog then it will pass a little bit of ranking from my website to yours. This is called as passing link juice.

The more high da pa dofollow backlinks your blog gets, the more link juice is passed and eventually your blog’s ranking will increase.

This is the reason a dofollow backlink is good for your blog’s SEO.

Importance of Nofollow backlinks

Now, if I will add a rel attribute with nofollow attribute value in it, the link will become a nofollow backlink.

A nofollow link will look like below:

<a href="link to your blog" rel="nofollow">Some Anchor Text</a>

Basically nofollow backlinks direct a search engine not to calculate this as a ranking factor of the site we are linking.

So, any link that is added with a rel=”nofollow” attribute, will not get any link juice and so, NO SEO benefits.

It was Google who announced in 2005 that any link with this rel=”nofollow” will not have an impact on the target’s PageRank (which is now obsolete).

Blog commenting has to be blamed for this.

But that’s not the end of the story. It has some benefits too. Let’s look at some of them:

  • It is still useful to get traffic to your site
  • It makes the link profile look natural to the search engines

So, the bottom line is, every link to your blog matters whether it is nofollow or dofollow.
I hope, now the bits and pieces are in place to look further into the actual dofollow backlinks list of websites or forums.

But, before jumping into the list of dofollow backlinks, let’s talk something that is REAL about all these dofollow link building strategies.

You Need Content First, Not Backlinks!

Well, this might sound like I am talking something different than the crowd but this is true!

I have been in blogging since 8 years. I have learned many things from online articles but learned the most from my own experiences and from the challenges I faced during the journey!

Having said that, everyone starts from Zero ‘0’ like me and you, right? Which means new sites do not have any backlinks to them.

Does that mean they never appear on Google?

You know the answer! New sites do appear in the Google search result.

So, how does this happen?

Content… Good piece of content!

New sites appear on Google’s first page because of well written and SEO optimized content and not because of any dofollow links, at first.

Imagine, you have a blog that has a lot of backlinks to the homepage but the site does not have any content! There is no way it can rank anywhere on Google because it does not have any content at all.

Similarly, if your blog has lot of dofollow backlinks but has very thin content, then also, the chances of getting ranked in the first page of Google is much less.

Thin content is when you write very few lines of content in a single blog post.

When people come to read, there is literally no content or all valueless content, so they will immediately bounce back from your blog.

This will basically increase the bounce rate of your blog and this is NOT good for SEO!

So, it is content that should be your first focus, then the backlinks!

How to Create dofollow Backlinks from High DA Websites?

You already know this, but still I just wanted to remind you once more.

DO NOT HURRY to build links! Yes!

Do not just be in hurry to build a lot of links to your blog.

Also, prefer only the high quality backlinks over the number of backlinks. This is very much important to note.

Sometimes, a single backlink from high domain authority site with high DA and PA is far better than hundreds or thousands of backlinks from very low DA and PA websites.

[alert-warning] Remember the below rules to create better links to your blog:

  • Focus on building high quality backlinks from High DA domains
  • Find high DA forums related to your niche to place your links (it would be highly relevant)
  • Do not run to create links in forum signatures (Unless the it is a very high DA site)
  • Find problems of people and place links in a natural way while answering to them
  • Do not create blog commenting spam to get backlinks
  • Never mind if it is a dofollow or nofollow

If you are really serious into blogging, you need to have patience first. Eventually you will see success.

You see, I left a high paying job for blogging. That means blogging really works.

I had to wait for 10 months to get the first $100 from AdSense.

Go slow but consistently. Take time to publish your masterpiece content rather than publishing average articles very frequently.

Now, once you know what exactly you are doing, let’s jump to the actual list of dofollow backlinks.

Dofollow Backlinks List of sites and forums

I am not a guy who will go and comment in other blogs to get backlinks, so I have not included any personal blogs of that kind that allow comment backlinks.

I have never done that and I do not endorse for anyone to follow that strategy.

I am a tech guy so I have researched and found all those forums and websites that provide dofollow backlinks.

You need to plan how can contribute to those communities and create a dofollow backlink for your own site.

  1. PR: 8, DA: 91, PA: 63
  2. PR: 7, DA: 90, PA: 52
  3. PR: 7, DA: 86, PA: 57
  4. PR: 7, DA: 85, PA: 62
  5. PR: 7, DA: 84, PA: 57
  6. PR: 7, DA: 77, PA: 63
  7. PR: 6, DA: 66, PA: 51
  8. PR: 5, DA: 52, PA: 49
  9. PR: 5, DA: 57, PA: 48
  10. DA: 38, PA: 35
  11. PR: 3, DA: 35, PA: 41
  21. PR: 7, DA: 81, PA: 59

Dofollow List of .edu Backlinks Forums

Of course, a forum without registration would be useless, right?

I have verified on November 2020 and all the below dofollow edu forums that provides registrations.


Finding a list of high DA dofollow backlinks forums and websites that works in 2020 and 2021 is not an easy task.

As I have already said I am a tech guy, you will find most of the websites to be technical.

If you want me to find a list of dofollow backlinks forums or websites for a different niche then just let me know in the comment section below.

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