Experience Android M with the Android M Launcher

Android M
Android M

Android M launcher alone cannot give you the complete Android M feel but it can only give you the way Android M looks and also this gives lots of customizations unlike your stock launchers, unless you are using any custom ROMS.

It has lockscreen shortcut notification area by default enabled. Where you can access flash light, Data toggle and lot more options, of course which you will be able to customize by clicking the M Settings icon which will come on your home screen after installing Android M launcher.

How to customize Android M Launcher:

  • You can open the M Launcher icon on your home screen which gives you access to lots of customization options related to the home screen, app drawer settings and look, gestures and buttons etc.
  • Also this launcher gives you unread Messages count, Missed calls count, Gmail count, Whats app count.
  • Also multiple themes are supported on the Android M launcher.
  • It comes with a default Memory Boost option that will free-up unnecessary memory in just one-click.

Below is the download link for the Android M launcher:
Download Android M launcher

Here is the QR code for the same:

Android M Launcher
Android M Launcher

Further more install yourself to see all other possible interesting options and stay tuned with InfySim to get more of such applications, Custom ROMs, how-to guides.

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