Final Fantasy 7 will land on Apple iOS

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7
Today at Square Enix’s E3 2015 press conference, company executive Shinji Hashimoto announced a port of Final Fantasy 7 is currently in the works for iOS. The game will be a port of the original PlayStation release of Final Fantasy, not a version of the newly-announced Final Fantasy Remake.

Square Enix has long been an aggressive supporter of mobile platforms, releasing a variety of original titles and classic ports on both iOS and Android. The Final Fantasy VII iOS port follows Final Fantasy 1 – 6, all of which are available on iOS except the 7.

There are currently no details on a price, release date. Further more there are some more to come on the Final Fantasy 7 remake as well as this port for iOS. Additionally, Square Enix announced that the PS4 port of Final Fantasy 7 has been delayed until Winter.

So you guys stay tuned for more news.


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