Where to Find FREE Images for Your Blog Post(s)

You ask a question to yourself. Do you remember text so easily or a picture?

If you do not already know the answer then do an experiment right now. The answer is obvious, a blog post with more images pulls attention of the reader.

Why is that so? Because images are easy to remember. They say an image is equivalent to thousand words.

Now you know how important it is to add pictures for a blogger. Now, the question arises is, from where will you get images for your next blog post?

  • Can you take and use a picture from any website?
  • Can you use what is available on Google Images?
  • Is there a website available that provides images to download for free?
  • Will you create your own pictures to add on your blog post?

Of course there are many options available to get an image for your next blog post. But, before that let’s look at which is more convenient for a blogger like you and me.

Why You Can Not Copy an Image From Any Website or Any Image from Google Images?

Not everything that you see online are allowed to copy. You are allowed to read, watch, share but not allowed to copy it by any means.

The reason you cannot copy anything from any website is because of the copyright thing. It is someone else’s work and cannot copy it, at least, without giving any credit to them.

Because Google Images gather pictures from all websites available on the internet, the same copyright thing applies here.

In fact Google itself shows Images may be subjected to copyright on any image you select from any website.

Copyright message on Google

But of course there is a way you can download images with Creative Common License from Google images which I will show in the next section.

Create Your Own Images

The best way is to create or shot your own images. But I personally never do that.

Because firstly it takes time for me to create and secondly I may not create that great images.

It’s better to use someone else’s work if it is better and then credit to them. There are many free images available from various websites which I will show in the next sections.

but this is just my opinion.

If you want to create your own, there are a lot of applications, websites available which you can use to produce great images.

Most of these tools provides templates for you to get started.

Below is a list of websites, applications or tools for creators:

I will not go into much details about each of these online or app based tools because that is out of scope of this blog post.

If you are interested I have added urls in each entry, you can visit each link to explore more.

How to Download CC Attributed Images From Google Images and Reuse in Your Blog Post?

Not every image that you see on Google Images are copyrighted. Which means you can download, modify and use some images

There are many images those are licensed on creative common license which can be used without any copyright issues.

You can go and read all the license types in CC to understand the kind of license applies to the image you are downloading.

Now, do the following to filter the images with CC licensed images on Google images.

Go to Google Images enter what you want to search in the search box, then on the next screen that appeared, click on Tools then click on Usage Rights and then click on Creative Commons licenses.

This will filter all images that can be used for FREE. Based on the CC license type You may still need to give credit to the creator.

Besides this, there are many websites where you can download images for free. Let’s look at some of the websites available.

Websites to Download Free Images for Bloggers

Of course there are some websites available that provides images to download for FREE. Some provide with their own branding watermark and some totally FREE.

I will list the websites first that allows to download images for free without any watermark branding and then list those with watermarks.

Some or all of the websites provide paid options to download but the list I have compiled below are all free of charge royalty free images for bloggers to use on any blog post.

In simple words, you are allowed to use these images for free without giving a credit or usually known as attribution as well.

But it is always good show your generosity by giving a credit to the creator or even donating them if such an option is available.


The reason I have listed this on top is because it has 2.2 million+ media resources to offer.

The license terms may change in future, but all images available on Pixabay are free to use even for commercial purposes.

You see all the images on this blog so far (but not the image on this post) are downloaded from Pixabay.com.

It provides many resolutions of an image to be downloaded.

Pixabay does not require you to be logged in to download most of the image resolutions. But to download the largest resolution of an image, you need to signup on their website.

Free Image Download from Pixabay for Bloggers

The only drawback is that it does not have many images for a certain category or your search query. But that’s ok considering the free of cost service.

If you do not find the right image then you can extend your search from other websites listed below.


Next comes the Pexels which has 1+ millions of images to offer. You can use all images for FREE even for commercial use.

In fact, the featured image that you see on top of this blog post is taken from Pexels which was shot by Taryn Elliott.

The images are available in multiple resolutions.

You can also set your own image resolution before downloading an image.

Read the Pexels license before you use any image downloaded from this source.


All images from Unsplash are free to download and use even for commercial purpose. No attribution is required to use these images but it is always good to credit the creator.

There are some restrictions if you want to sell these free images though.

I recommend you to read the unsplash license before using any images from here.


This is another source of free images for bloggers or any professionals.

The images on StockSnap are licensed under CC0 which allows the user to download, modify and use it for commercial things.

Here is their license which I recommend you to read before you download and use.

What Next?

I have added as many resources as I can in this article for you to download free images for your blog posts or any other work.

I will keep updating the content of this post when I find new websites or tools.

The list may look small for now but I have always found what I was looking for from these resources.

Other websites I found do not have such a great collection of images hence I did not include in the list.

If you find this post useful, then please do share it with someone who may find it useful.

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