Google Nexus 6p Bend Test Reality

We present this Nexus 6p bend test post to justify how rigid or weak is the Nexus 6p. Recently I saw a video posted in YouTube by Jerry. I have also researched of some other Nexus 6p bend test videos around YouTube and found that the Nexus 6p is not that weak the way it is portrayed by Jerry.

Lets see the videos posted from different channels and analyze why Jerry’s video is a failure.

The following videos show that the Nexus 6p bend test has survived successfully. Although these are not industry standard tests but now a days people really refer to these kind of videos and trying to judge the sustainability of the product. So we also have to justify based on these available data.

Nexus 6p bend test video from JerryRIgEverything’s YouTube channel :

I have found some discussion at xda-developers regarding Jerry’s video where people say that Jerry had a pre-production Nexus 6p unit and that’s why it failed in the bend test. Following this Jerry has uploaded his order from Google and some of the images related to the Nexus 6p bend test at imgur.

As far as I can see Jerry might not have access to a pre-production unit and from his e-mail snapshot of the order, it is a genuine unit ordered from Google Play Store the way other users are ordering.

People even say that Huawei being a Chinese OEM is all the same as other Chinese products. Anyways, I don’t have a point to justify this thing right away.

So lets see what just went wrong with Jerry’s test?

Why Jerry’s Nexus 6p bend test is a failure???

– Before the bend test he had already carried out scratch test on the same unit. The screen was broken after the scratch test.
– Also he had carried out the burn test on the same unit. As far as I have observed, he continued the burn test at one point (where the phone broke off after bend test) for around 7-8 seconds.

If you have not observed this yet go back and watch Jerry’s bend test video again and observe where is he carrying out the burn test and where exactly the device is cracked..

Here is an image from his video which clearly shows that the phone broke off at the point where he did the burn test. I feel like, you people will definitely agree what I have observed.
If you need to carry out some tests on a device then each test should be carried out on different units and not on the same. If you are testing the same unit then there should be a minimum amount of time gap before executing any other tests.

Nexus 6p bend test failure
Nexus 6p bend test failure


Nexus 6p bend test video from Total Tech’s YouTube channel :


Nexus 6p bend test video from Max Lee’s YouTube channel :


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