Google offering Nexus 6P buyers $50 discount on Huawei Watch

If you’re a Huawei fan and are planning to purchase a smartphone as well as a smartwatch, here is some good news: Google is offering new Nexus 6P buyers a $50 discount on the Huawei Watch. This is not the first time such a deal is being offered – Huawei ran a similar promo back in November last year.

However, the good thing here is that you don’t have to purchase the smartwatch at the same time. After your Nexus 6P is shipped, you’ll get a $50 coupon through email which needs to be used before September 1, 2016. So you can purchase the Huawei Watch anytime between now and September.

This being Google, the purchases need to be made from the Google Store. Also, the deal is valid on all Nexus 6P variants. For more details, head to the Source link below.




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