How to Add AMP support for bbPress Forum

As mobile phone search has already surpassed Desktop searches in 2016, Google the search engine giant is focusing more on AMP based pages to show on top of it’s search result and hence AMP is one of the biggest aspect of SEO in 2017. It is easy to enable AMP for any WordPress website by simply installing the AMP plugin but the question is how to enable AMP for bbPress forums and topics etc.?? Here I will guide you how exactly you can add AMP support to bbPress with a step-by-step guide.

What is the benefit of enabling AMP for bbPress:

Google has already implemented the mobile first index which prioritizes the mobile friendliness of a website.
Having more mobile phone users than Desktop users, this is an obvious move that has been taken by the search engine giant.

AMP stands for Accelerated mobile page which contains a very light weigh or you can say a plain version of your web page that loads lighting fast with just a blink of eye even on a very slow data plan.
This increases user experience and hence definitely adds SEO benefits.

What you need to enable AMP for bbPress:

AMP plugin for WordPress
Code Snippets WordPress plugin

How to Enable or Add AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) for bbPress:

  1. Install the AMP plugin first using the Plugin manager from your WordPress admin Dashboard. You don’t need to configure AMP plugin after installation as it does it’s work silently behind the screen.
  2. Then you install the Code Snippets plugin from the Plugin manager on WordPress Dashboard.
  3. You will see settings for Snippets in the admin sidebar. Select the following Snippets > Add New
    In the new Snippet window, add a title for the new code snippet such as “AMP support for BbPress topics” and then add the following code to the code text window:

    * Add AMP support to BBpress

    add_action( 'amp_init', 'amp_bbpress_init' );
    function amp_bbpress_init() {
    add_post_type_support( 'topic', AMP_QUERY_VAR );

That’s all. AMP pages for bbPress will then be generated by AMP plugin.

How to access the AMP version of a bbPress topic:

Just add /amp/ to the end of the bbPress topic URL to get the AMP version of the bbPress topic link.

Following are the two versions of a same topic URL from a website where AMP is enabled for bbPress topics:

Normal version of the topic: Not Available

Here goes the AMP URL: The APM URL has been removed but the above code works.

That’s all guys, it’s damn simple to implement this on your WordPress with bbPress. Have fun and stay tuned for more updates on WordPress, Blogger, SEO, Web hosting, Blogging etc.

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