[HOW TO] Download Android applications from Google Play Store to your PC

You all may know that Android phones are very much popular everywhere.
As Android phones are popular of course there are lots of Android apps available around.
But all the android applications are available only through Google Play Store and you are not allowed to download the applications.

Let’s say if you format your phone for some reason then you have to download all the applications again from the Play Store, isn’t it???

You may ask here, So what???
What’s wrong in downloading again???

Well, I must say here, what if you can download the applications to your PC and use them again and again.
So, you don’t need internet connection after downloading once.
Isn’t that sounds cool???

So below are the things you have to follow to get the Android Application (apk) files directly to your PC.
The procedure requires to have a Google Chrome browser.
I am pretty sure that you all have some browsers installed on your PC, because a browser is the gateway to enter into the world of internet.
If you don’t have a Google Chrome browser then you have to download that.

Downloading Android Applications from Google Play Store:

Open the Extension window on your Google chrome browser.

[Open the Extension window on Google Chrome]

Click on get more Extensions.


Search for the “apk downloader” extension.
Click on free.
Click on Add when asked for the extension confirmation.

[Search APK downloader extension]

Now open the Google play store.
Search any application on Google Play Store.
you will find a new option added as “Download APK”

[Download APK option on Google play store]

It will ask you for your registered gmail account on google play store and the password.
After that there is a field for the device ID which you will get in your phone status.
Fill the details and cheers.

To get the Device ID, download the Device ID application from Google Play Store.
Device ID application on Google Play Store.

[GSF ID is what you need]

If you are unable to login using your gmail credentials then you should go to the following link and enable less secure applications.
Gmail less secure credentials page

[Enable less secure applications]

After successfully setting up everything you are done.
Cheers. Have fun and stay tuned to get more updates and more such guides.

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