How to Download youtube videos without using any application or downloaders

I am a big fan of Android mobile OS and i do have 3 Android phones.

So you must be thinking like “What will i do with this???”

Calm down… Actually what happened, once i came across a video in the youtube application and i wanted to download that video to my device coz i wanted to show that video to my friends.
I searched so many applications available around the web but i found NONE which could solve my issue.

Can anyone of you help me out for this???
If you know this trick then this post will be wasting your time. You can carry on.

If your answer is NO, then read further to know how to download youtube videos without using any download manager application.

Even this trick is not just specific to Android users.
This trick can be used in Apple iPhone or just in any PC.

The Simplest youtube video download method:

First of all you have to find out the youtube link.
Today i came to know that Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3 has been released on youtube, so i’ll be taking that as an example.
Here is the youtube link for the above mentioned video:

[Youtube link]

Just add two “ss” before the “youtube” without the double quote like this:

[Add ss like this to the Youtube link]

You can see that you are being redirected to a new site which gives you the available resolutions for that particular video to be downloaded.
On the right side of the page you can see like 360p (480×360), 420p (640×480) 720p (1280×720) or 1080p (1920×1080).
These are the downloadable links for the youtube video url requested.

[Download links for the particular video]

Enjoy !!!

Stay tuned to get the latest information.

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  1. Hi, shibaa. Valuable information. Thanks for the sharing. But this way can only download normal quality YouTube video, for someone who want to download HD video like 4k or 1080p, I’d recommend Acethinker video keeper which I have used for many years. Free and simple to use.


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