[HOW TO GUIDE] How to create a local wifi network without using any wireless router

Most of us are using smart phones now a days. Similarly many of us have PCs or laptops too.
Sometimes we do have resources but we really don’t know how to use them efficiently.
Here in this tutorial I will explain how you can manage to create a local area network or home network without any help of wireless routers.

I will introduce you with some of the applications that will run on your PC or laptop and create a wireless network for you.
After completing this tutorial you will be able to connect all your wireless devices to each other and even share files, internet connection on your PC or laptop with the connected devices.



You need to have a wireless device embedded to your laptop or PC which you want to turn into a wireless network hub.

Now a days each and every laptop comes with inbuilt wifi device and even some of the PCs also have wireless card connected internally.
Now there are some applications available out there which will use the available wireless device on your machine and will turn your machine into a wireless network hub.

[Wireless hotspot demo]

Following are the applications that I am going to use to create a wireless network:
Virtual Router
mHotspot download link

Below are the direct download links for each of them:
Virtual Router download link
mHotspot (Link Not FOund)
Connectify download link

Out of the three applications I will suggest you to go for the Virtual Router, because it’s completely free as it is an open source application.
Of course there is no such restrictions, you can download all of them and see which one you like the most and you can continue with that.

So go ahead, download the application and install it first.
I will take the video from mHotspot to show you how to setup the wireless and network and more or less the same procedure will be applicable to the other applications too.

Here is a video tutorial that shows How to create a wireless hotspot:

[How to setup a wireless network with mHotspot]

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