How to use a QR code to exchange information between devices

What is a QR code first???
A QR code is typically a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.

How does a QR code look like???
A QR code looks similar to the below image.

So how these QR codes are helpful for you in your day to day life???
Say you have visited a website on your PC and you want to visit the same page on your mobile.
Here you can generate a QR code quickly for the particular webpage and read the QR code through a QR code reader on your phone and that’s all.
How easy it is.

[QR code for]

Say you have found an MP3 file on web and you want it to be on your phone.
Here what you can do is, just find out the download link for the MP3 file and generate a QR code for that MP3 file and use the QR code scanner application on your phone to read the QR code generated.

You can hide web links on such QR code images so that nobody will come to know what these QR code say (untill unless they don’t know what a QR code is).

You can create a QR code for a Contact, a URL, A phone number, an SMS.

There are so many other stuffs that you can do with QR codes.

Lets see how to use it with pictorial demo.
I will take the example of this particular blog post which you are reading right now.

Identify the web link first.
In our case the web address of this page is what you want to convert, so here is the web address: QR_Code

Find out a free QR code generator website.
Althogh there are so many sites available but I will be using the following one:

You can see that you can use a Message, URL, a phone number to convert it into a QR code.

[ web interface]

Now download a QR code scanner on your phone.
I use bar code scanner application.
Below is the link:
Bar code scanner Android application

This is an Android application.
You can use similar alternatives for a Windows phone or an iPhone or any other phone.

Now open the bar code scanner application and try to read the QR code that I have generated for this particular page.

[QR code for this page]

You can see that the information behind the QR code will be visible to you on the bar code scanner application.

[Bar code scanner application screenshot]

Have fun and stay tuned to get more such updates and how to guides.

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