I left Rs 30 lakhs Package Job to Make Blogging as Full Time Career

You have already read the title!

I have earned $5000+ in single month just from blogging. That is its potential.

Of course many are earning more and less than that too, but I will show you what my journey have been and how you can achieve the same in the long run.

Many people do not even know what is blogging and this is why I am here to educate and guide people about the same.

It is true that I left a job that was paying me Rs. 30 lakhs per year to continue my Blogging and Affiliate marketing journey.

I will explain why I did so, but first let me clarify my work background for those who do not believe this!

Rs. 30 lakhs package! You are not kidding, right?

Of course, not!

Like most of the Indians, I am from an Engineering background came to the online space to earn money.

If you are thinking this is a click bait and I am not talking a legit thing, then just check my LinkedIn profile, and see the companies I have worked for.

Do you think is it easy to get into a company like TOSHIBA, LSI, Broadcom, Cypress and Western Digital (SanDisk) as a software developer?

They are all huge companies and you need to work really hard to get into one of these! I worked as a developer for 9 years in the industry before I quit to continue my Blogging and affiliate marketing journey.

One of the intern who was working in my team last year, joined WD (Western Digital, my last company) as a full time employee (FTE) at a starting package of whopping Rs. 18 lakhs per year.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the below screenshot of the conversation that I had with her recently:

18 lakhs freshers salary

An average fresher gets around Rs. 12 lakhs package in the industry where I worked, despite this Covid-19 pandemic situation. When I left the job, I had 9 years of experience. So, you can easily guess what could be my real package when I left the job.

If you still do not believe, then you might lose all that blogging and affiliate marketing ideas that I have already shared or going to share on this platform!

But, if you believe in me, I can really help you and mentor you start and succeed in your blogging journey.

So, if this is something that excites you to know more about my journey and how can I help you achieve similar success, then just be with me for another 15 to 20 more minutes.

Once you made your mind to scroll down, let’s look at few more details about blogging and its earning potential.

What could be the maximum earning from blogging?

I don’t know what perception you have regarding blogging in terms of earnings, but I have seen many people earn thousands of dollars every month.

Many people do not even know what is the maximum earning potential from blogging. So, I thought I will share my earnings to inspire them to believe in the reality and burst the myth (if any).

I have earned a maximum of $5,326 in a single month, in my entire blogging career. Of course this is not the end of my journey and I will update this list once I exceed the above mentioned earning.

Below are the screenshots of the earning from my blog. I used AdSense and Ezoic to monetize that blog.

AdSense earning from blogging
Ezoic earning from blogging

Below are some of the total earnings from blogging:

  • Dec 2019: $5,326
  • Nov 2019: $3,825
  • Oct 2019: $3,735

The earnings calculation goes as below:
AdSense earning + Ezoic Ad Partners + Premium Ad PartnersEzoic Premium fees

The Mediation Ad Partners is the earning from AdSense.
Ezoic who earns the money for AdSense (Mediation Ad Partner), so it is basically the same earning.

Many people earn much more than this but what I earn is still a huge amount of money for many.

This information is never meant to show off the earnings rather to bring the reality of earning from blogging in front of you.

It is just to inspire people to believe in blogging as a brand new career if someone aspires to jump from another career like me or wants to start afresh!

It is a journey of 8 years and still counting. My experience is a case study for all those waiting to start blogging as a career.

So, don’t just jump right in to blogging before reading the full story and the financial backup plan I made before quitting the job. It is equally important to be prepared for the unseen future hustle before starting something new.

Who had ever thought about this Covid-19 pandemic situation will come and stir the whole world. It is the backup plan that helped me in staying back on track.

Before I quit my job, I created a fail-proof financial backup

If you are a student or if you do not have responsibilities on you then you can start head-on without thinking of much on this aspect. You do not have to quit a job, rather you are creating a sustainable job for yourself.

If you a family that is dependent on you, then quitting a job for blogging could be a bad idea if not planned properly! Take my words!

I did quit my job for blogging but not just like that. I did a proper planning to sustain with my savings iff something goes wrong I would still be able to sustain at least for a year.

Of course I am here to help you start blogging but you must acknowledge about the risks involved and prepare yourself for the consequences.

Financial planning

I have 2 dependents on me including a 3 years old kid.
Plus a home loan, house maintenance, office space, blogging expenses (domain name registration, hosting plan, writer expenses etc.), recurring investments, etc. to bear monthly.

I knew that when I will leave my job I will be left with only a single earning. At the same time I was dead sure that blogging is going to be my lifetime job. So, I created a financial backup plan to switch completely to blogging.

I invested in fixed deposit, Mutual funds, stock market, gold, and started saving enough cash in the bank account to sustain for at least a whole year even if something goes wrong.

So, I would still have enough time to prepare for an interview and join a company if something goes wrong.

Plans to upscale blogging earnings

Not just that I created a financial backup plan, but also I had plans to upscale earnings from the blog.

In my area of blogging I always get ideas to write about new content. So, upscaling the blog traffic was feasible with a handful of ideas in place.

Basically, I calculated all the risks involved and planned to handle everything in case things did not work!

So, don’t just look at the job I left and continued blogging to make a living out of it. You look at the whole scenario rather only just the eye catching part.

I have written everything from a practical view point and not just to attract you to aspire you for blogging.

At the same time, I am writing all these for a serious blogger!
If you are the one who seriously believes that you can also earn money from blogging, I am here to help you to kick start and guide you through your journey.

Why have I written all these?

I always wanted to share what new I have learnt in the process, and always tried to help someone, that is why I started my first blog.

And for the same reason I am here once again!

I am here to help someone who wants to start a blog or who wants to quit their job for blogging, or someone who is blogging but does not know how to grow or what to do next.

There were ups and downs in my journey which will help you avoid doing the same. There were many ideas that I have learn over the years that may fit in for you too.

Let’s look at what you can learn from me.

How can I help you?

I can help you on the below things:

  • How to start a blog
  • How to choose the right topic (niche) to blog on
  • How to monetize your blog
  • Help you learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • How to create backlinks for your blog
  • How to bring new content and outperform your competition
  • What to avoid and what to follow
  • How to stay motivated to keep going

I have been blogging since 7 years and earning money from it. I know what works and what does not.

I will share my experience in the blogging journey with you in the due course.
You have to understand that this is going to be a long journey and it is not a quick money making thing!

If you are with me and if you are ready to explore the excitement, let’s begin to explore my actual blogging experience.

How did I start blogging?

From Engineering days I had a SonyEricsson phone which I started tinkering to modify its boot screen, sound profile, etc. by learning from Internet. And the same continued with me when Android was launched.

Got a new job in 2010 and still continued on Android stuff along with office work.

Then, I realized that I am learning many new things, which, if I share, will be beneficial for many! So, I started searching how can I share my knowledge and came to know about blogger.com and blogging.

It was 2013, when I started my first blog which is infysim.blogspot.com. I literally shared everything I knew about technology, Android, rooting, etc.

I did not know anything about SEO, or AdSense back then. Just, my blogging journey has started.

I said this to myself:

when I took 20 years to get ready for a job, why not few more years to learn blogging?

How did I learn to earn money from blogging?

Started blogging in 2013, and almost a whole year went by in just adding content and I was kind of happy doing so.
But I never knew that I could earn money from blogging, seriously!

One day I was searching for a solution to a blogspot related issue and landed on labnol.org. And then for few more problems that was the site Google was showing me on the number one spot.

I searched more about that blog and came to know about Amit Agarwal was the founder and maintainer of that blog.

Later, when I searched a little deeper, I came to know that he was India’s first blogger and he was also covered by one of India’s leading NEWS channel CNN IBN on YouTube.

From his blog Digital Inspiration I learned about Google AdSense and came to know that I can also earn money from my own blog.

When I came to know that I started searching how to do so. Somehow got the AdSense approval and then focused on creating more content to bring more traffic, that in turn generated money later.

My Early AdSense Earning from Blogging

It was around June 2014 when my first blog was approved for Google AdSense and I reached the $100 mark on April 2015.

Yes, it took almost a year to get the first paycheck from Google AdSense. You can check the below image that shows my AdSense earnings from the blog:

Earning from June 2014 to April 2015: $121.80

First $100 earn from AdSense blog

Till 5 months I was earning only a few dollars in a whole month. Somehow I reached the next $100 mark in another 10 months.

Earning from May 2015 to March 2016: $118.88[/sc_note]

Second $100 earn from AdSense blog

And it continued the same way for few months then from August 2016 the AdSense earnings went up with respect to blog traffic. By this time a whole lot have been changed in my SEO understanding, and blogging etc.

I faced many challenges and learned to overcome each to roar against all odds. So, when I will share my knowledge on SEO, blogging and affiliate marketing, it will come to you from my experience and the learning from my failures.

What issues did I face in my Blogging journey?

Nothing comes easy, right? Literally, we all have to work hard and nothing comes easy!

We do face challenges for anything that we work on. It is our attitude that will decide if we are going to succeed or fail in whatever we do.

Once you give up, that is what is fail! And this is the only thing I never did. I continued and I am still continuing my blogging journey.

Let’s look at some of the challenges that I faced during the initial blogging days.

Family Issue (Work life balance)

I have brought this point first above all other issues, because this is an important thing to address before going to anything else!

Umer Qureshi (a 16 years old blogger) has conveyed how his parents were not sure what is he doing until he earned money from blogging.

And, there are hundreds thousands of stories like this.

So, continuing …
As I was already on a job, writing blog was not an easy task.
I was writing blog after I return from office that too without earning a single penny from it!

Obviously, it was my family time which I took from them and put on blogging. Plus, my wife was always concerned whether we will get something out of this work or not.

Despite all odds I continued to write content as much as I can without earning anything from it.

But when the first earning of $100 came to the account, she was convinced that there is a scope of earning from blogging.

Even then I earned the second $100 only after 10 months of work. But after that I had enough experience and my earnings were always more than $100 every month.

AdSense approval and the expectation of earning

During those days, you could only apply for AdSense after the blog domain has reached at least 6 months of age (for blogs from India).

So, after 6 months, when I applied for AdSense and the blog was rejected may times before it got AdSense approval. I was so excited thinking, that I got AdSense approval and now I will earn a lot of money from my blog.

The bubble burst the very next day when I realized that getting AdSense Approval is not the only thing. I need traffic to the blog.

So, what’s the problem here?

The problem here is: Expectation!
When our expectation does not meet the reality we tend to give up easily.

I did not give up, but I tried and found what to do after getting AdSense approval and moved forward to create content.

Traffic, Revenue and Consistency

As I said earlier that a blog must have at least 6 months old. That means to get AdSense approval you need to work for 6 months without any earning.

Plus, AdSense will send you the money only after you earn $100. It took almost a year for me to reach there.

Which means, for me the first earning came at least after 1 and a half year of my blogging.
But, I was consistent on adding content even during this time.

Q. So, what to learn from here?
A. It may take time before you get the first earning from your blog. But have trust in yourself.

I was learning newly, so, it took this long.

If you are serious about blogging, then I can guarantee you need not wait this long to earn your first paycheck!

Issue from moving Blogspot to WordPress

Blogspot is limited on plugins or customization.

I registered the domain infysim.org on 24/08/2014 but initially it was just mapped to the blogspot site.

Later when I realized and explored that WordPress is another better Content Management System (CMS) I decided to move to WordPress but never I knew a disaster is waiting for me to happen.

With Blogger I never cared about the hosting. But to move to WordPress I had to rent a web hosting to host the WordPress content. This was something new I never heard but I carried on to buy a hosting for my blog.

Because of this migration from Blogger to WordPress, I lost all the earlier URLs and hence the rankings and so the traffic. Later I explored to use 301 redirection but to be in vein.

I lost all the traffic I had and hence had to start afresh to write new content.
I do not have anything to show against this and also I do not remember the exact time but it was in early 2015.

But, over the period of time I learned to use SEMrush to explore backlinks, and fixed all my backlinks the way it was looking years ago.

Blog index issue

During those earlier days, when I used to write content Google was too lazy to crawl my web pages.

I realized this when I wrote a time critical content but it was nowhere to be found on Google.

Later I learned that I can manually tell Google (using Google Search Console) to crawl a specific webpage.

Competitor domination

A website or a blog is usually measured in Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) on a logarithmic scale of 1 to 100.
Which means it easier to go from 1 to 10 than 60 to 70.

Obviously every new blog starts with a ranking of less PA and DA than the competitors.

So any content that I wrote was always dominated by some of the bigger players. No matter what, I was on a lower position in Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

It took months and years for me to add new content before my competition and that helped me gain some quality dofollow backlinks before them, which eventually helped my blog rank better against them.

Now that blog dominates in the area of content it covers. If not the first position, at least it appears on the first page for most of the keywords.

Of course, this is not the end of issues list that I faced and overcome. I just shared a few of them which is commonly faced by most if not all new bloggers.

I will be covering about each of the useful issues in detail in separate individual piece of content.

Now, the most IMPORTANT question, WHY did I leave the job?

So, WHY? Why did I leave such a good job for blogging?

The short answer is: motivation from bloggers like Harsh Agrawal (of ShoutMeLoud), Ankur Aggarwal, Satish K’s Youtube channel, Amit Agarwal, etc.

That was the fire that kick started my journey in blogging and then the challenges, my passion to get succeeded in the journey.

Not just that! I had the confidence that, if they can do this, then I can too.

30 lakhs was the package when I left my job. But, when I got the motivation to earn from blogging, I was earning around Rs. 10,00,000 that was in 2014, precisely.

So, I started from a calculation to translate Rs. 10,00,000 lakhs to US dollars.
Rs. 10L (per year) / 12 (months) = Rs. 83,000 per month
Rs 83,000 (per month) / 60 per dollar = ~ $ 1,400

At that time it was around Rs. 60 per US dollar. But when I left the job, I had a better package than earlier and the per dollar price was around Rs. 70.

So, I did a reevaluation to see how much do I need to earn to match the job that I left. This is what I got.

Rs. 30L (per year) / 12 (months) = Rs. 2.5L per month
Rs 2.5L (per month) / 70 per dollar = ~ $ 3,500

Then I thought, what if I can earn the same money from online blogging or affiliate marketing that too by just working from home?

People like Harsh, Ankur, Pat flynn etc. are earning way more than this calculation.

In fact, earning is just one point of the comparison. When I realized the other benefits of the blogging journey, which directly impacts my lifestyle, health etc. I just made my mind to continue this. I have listed some of them in the below sections.

The benefits of blogging

I started blogging in the topic (niche) that I was already working in the industry. So, when I learned to make money from blogging, I did continue the same area to work.

  1. Work anytime

    I do not have to go to an office to work and hence there is no specific time in which I have to start and stop your work.
    I can wake up at any time and work at any time I want.

  2. Answer to no one

    As Harsh rightly says, BE YOUR OWN BOSS!
    I do not have to answer to anyone about my work. There is no client, no customer, and no boss!

  3. Work from anywhere in the world

    With my laptop and an internet connection in my pocket, my office is setup.
    Because of this compact office setup, I can literally work from anywhere in the world.
    I travel for longer duration which otherwise was not possible if I would be working in a company.

  4. Explore the whole world

    With lot of free time, I usually get an empty mind too. No overdue task is running my mind and hence I am not preparing to answer to my boss or manager.
    I work to gather more ideas to implement.
    I get more time read books, listen to podcasts, etc.
    I got to dance, go to theater, go to meetups etc.

  5. No traffic jams on road

    I had to spend at least 1 and half hours on the road to and from office, that too in heavy pollution.
    As I am working from home now, I do not have to go through the hassle of traffic jam and pollution.

    I spend that time in work out, cycling, swimming etc..

  6. Spend time with family

    I have a kid of 3 years old and my family with me. After leaving the job for blogging, I got a little more time to spend with my family which helped me achieve a better work life balance.

To give you a feeling of that I am adding a video from Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration. I don’t remember exactly but I think this is the video that really motivated me to take blogging seriously!

Now you know what are the benefits of blogging or an online job but is there any disadvantages to this?

Of course there are some disadvantages of blogging or an online job if not done responsibly! Let’s look at some of the downsides of blogging.

The dis-advantages of blogging

The disadvantage from blogging only comes if you are not responsible or well managed.

When I was working in any of the companies, I always had a team lead, or manager to guide me when I needed something.
Someone was to take responsibility for my mistakes and to guide me how to fix those.

Blogging is a self managed job. Nobody is questioning you and you are not answerable to anyone but yourself.

You must be determined and believe in yourself that you will succeed in whatever you are doing.
You must know the consequence before executing anything.

You can always research well, or reach out to a mentor to discuss your ideas. That’s why I am here!
You can always reach out to me whenever you need assistance. I am available all the time.

You can reach me on InfySim Facebook group or Twitter or you can leave a comment here on this blog!

Action Item

After the Covid-19 pandemic many businesses came online, huge number of people were laid off from their jobs, and many businesses were shut down.

I was in a safe place even before this and it turned out to be one of the safest job! If not from Google AdSense, you can earn money from Ezoic or any other advertising partners.

Blogging has all good things to offer you if you only believe that you have all that ingredients required to be a successful blogger.

If you are waiting for the right time to start your blog then it will never come. If you think to start and bring the right time, then I am with you.

Start your first blog with BlueHost

And always remember, I am just an message away to help you out!
Just go ahead and leave your e-mail so that you will be getting all of my updates.

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