How to Increase AdSense Revenue (CPC) with Proper Ad Placement or Using Ezoic

In one of the post I explained how I got more earnings from AdSense by speeding up the website response. You can achieve the same by changing your hosting provider to Cloudways or any hosting that provides server side Varnish caching.

If you are a blogger and AdSense is the only source of revenue for your blog then I am sure you would want to increase the CPC or earnings from the existing traffic.

Have you ever thought of getting more earnings from the same traffic? Is there any proven technique or any specific way available to do so?

Of course there are many ways.

In this article I will show how a small change in ad placement resulted in 51% revenue increase.

Basically I made this change in code placement for two of my AdSense ad slots and I did it manually just to show you the impact.

But you can simplify use Ezoic’s AI platform to automate this process and to earn more revenue out of your existing blog traffic. Well, I will explain about this more in the later section of this post but before that let’s just look at the change I made and the impact it brought to my AdSense revenue.

The Change in Code Placement:

[sc_note note_color=”#F9D9D9″ text_color=”#AA4343″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]Unfortunately, due to security reasons I will not disclose in which website I did this experiment and hence the exact ad code placements.
But to show the impact I will definitely disclose the ad revenue increase, number of AdSense ad clicks and CPC etc.[/sc_note]

It all started when I noticed that one of my ad is placed just below the header of my WordPress theme but it does not get enough clicks.

You may ask, what do I mean when I say enough clicks, right?

I mean, in reference to another ad slot which is almost at a similar position gets more clicks than this one, let’s call it as Under Header ad code.

To show you where exactly the ad code was placed, I have taken a screenshot of this post. You can see the below post where I had an ad code placement (in another website which is actually in discussion for this topic):

Under Header Ad Code (Earlier code placement)

I just moved the ad code placed under the header to under the Title of the post. Which is somewhere like here:

Under Title Ad Code (Newer code placement)

Well, initially I did not expect this small change will bring a huge margin in AdSense earning. I just placed this to see if it brings any change or not, that’s it.

And similarly I placed another ad code below a place where it typically gets visitors’ attention.

I use Infinity as a task management tool for my team where I keep every detail of even tiny changes made to any of the website I own. Below screenshot is from Infinity which clearly shows that I made these code placement changes on April 9th and 10th respectively.

The end result was really something that was worth sharing with other bloggers so I decided to write this article.

Increased AdSense Earning, More Ad Clicks and Higher CPC:

The changes I made resulted in instant revenue increase. So, to keep it more relevant, I have taken two dates, one before and one after the implementation which has almost the same number of traffic and got almost same number of ad impressions.

To be precise, I made the changes to these two AdSense ad code placements, one on April 9th and the other on 10th.

The dates chosen for the AdSense revenue and CPC comparison are: March 22, 2021 and April 12, 2021.

Below are the statistics on March 22, 2021:

  • Earning: $53.00
  • Page views: 52,797
  • Ad impressions: 204,592
  • Number of Ad Clicks: 2177
  • Average CPC: $0.02

Below are the statistics on April 12, 2021:

  • Earning: $80.89 (~51% increase)
  • Page views: 54,128 (2.5% more)
  • Ad impressions: 201,090 (1.7% less)
  • Number of Ad Clicks: 2098 (3.6% less)
  • Average CPC: $0.04 (100% increase)
AdSense Earnings and CPC
Increased AdSense CPC an d Earning

Despite having almost similar number of page views, ad impressions, and number of clicks, the earning was increased by 51% just because of the overall AdSense CPC increment of 100%.

What really contributed to this huge change?

To analyze this, I filtered the statistics to dig in. I found a huge increment in those two ad placements that I made changes recently and below are the data:

Increased AdSense earning
Performance of changed ad placements

What I observed is, these two ad slots have alone earned me $41 ($24.89 + $16.51) which is some 50% of the total revenue for April 12, 2021.

Earlier these two ad slots have earned only $11 ($6.50 + $4.39) on March 22, 2021.

Also, with the same (or lower) number of ad impressions of these two ad slots, the impression revenue was increased by 396% and 252% respectively which means higher CPC.

And see the number of clicks as well. The first one has got 78% and the second one has got 284% more number of ad clicks.

So, clearly the change in ad placement have yielded better AdSense revenue and increased CPC.

But, how can YOU do this testing with your ad placements? How effective would be the test?

So, How to Increase AdSense Earnings?

It is simple.

Try different ad placements and gather data on how these changed ad placements perform after a period of time, may be a week or a month.

Well, you have to do this test manually and observe the data on AdSense reports as I did.

This process will take much time and could lead to false results at times due to human error or inexpertise in this field.

To simplify this situation, we have many ad optimisation platforms available like Ezoic, AdPushup etc.

For small scale blogs I recommend to go for Ezoic.

Ezoic – AdSense Ad Optimisation Platform:

[sc_note note_color=”#F9D9D9″ text_color=”#AA4343″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]DISCLAIMER:
Try Ezoic only if you have traffic from tier-1 or 2 contries like US, UK, etc.
If your blog is getting traffic from India or any tier-3 countries then I would NOT recommend to go for Ezoic.[/sc_note]

Ezoic is an AdSense alternative platform and a Google certified publisher. This uses Google AdX (Doubleclick Ad Exchange) to monetize.

It also allows your own Google AdSense account (which they call it as Mediation) to compete with all other advertisement partners to be able to show ads on your blog’s ad inventory.

It uses AI to understand which combination of ad slots earns more revenue and creates the best user experience.

I have been using Ezoic from October 2016 and it has yielded me better results till now. See the below screenshot:

Ezoic for AdSense earning increase
I am using Ezoic from October 2016

Before starting anything, you can see the many success stories that is already available on their site. and also look at their pricing options available.

They have a FREE FOREVER plan which places an ad at the bottom of your site. This does not cost you anything but earns a little money to them and seems to be a fair deal to use their AI platform to optimise AdSense revenue.

To get started just click on the below link and signup:

Signup for Ezoic

The approval and setup process may take a day or two. The best way to integrate Ezoic with your site is through their DNS servers.

At first I would suggest you to give only a portion of traffic to Ezoic so that you will know who is performing better.

Allow 50% to Ezoic and rest to AdSense

Testing different layouts and collecting data to understand which combination performs better will definitely take time, sometimes upto 6 months or so.

Be patient and give Ezoic a chance to earn revenue for your site. But still, you capture your own data to understand if it is earning really well or not.

Action Item

If I do not have expertise let’s say on cooking and I would teach you how to cook, will you follow me? Ideally, you should not!

But, if I have expertise on something and I will show you how to do that , then should you follow me? Ideally, Yes!

Ad optimisation is something that hardly any amateur blogger looks into. Do not do the same mistake!

Subscribe to Ezoic or start optimizing your ad placement, formats etc. so that you will not lose any AdSense revenue further.

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