iPhone will have feature to track you sexual activity

As part of its upcoming iOS 9 release, Apple inc. will launch a new set of HealthKit features that will let you log information about menstrual cycles and specific physical changes, such as basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, and spotting.
When your iPhone updates to iOS 9, you’ll be able to track your reproductive health — including how often you have sex and whether or not you used protection.

Apple iPhone HealthKit
Apple iPhone HealthKit

By default these will be made as private but you can choose to transfer these data for medical consultation which really make your life easier.
There are already some devices and applications available in the market and the app store that track reproductive health data, and the iOs inbuilt updated HealthKit app will work with those apps and devices as well.

Apple is set to bundle all these functions under its new “Reproductive Health” brand, which has been unveiled this Monday morning during its World Wide Developers Conference.
This seems to be a whole new level of productivity in technology by bringing health benefits to your finger tips.

If you are interested in these features developed by Apple then have the iOs 9 preview installed which will be releasing this July.


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