Lenovo A7000 Multimedia review

In the multimedia review section we are going to cover Audio and imaging capabilities of Lenovo A7000.
I will proceed with the good thing first and then will come to the down side.

I was really love to listen songs on this phone because of the Dolby ATMOS.
I have never heard this kind of sound quality on any out-of-box phone yet.
I have an old Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro in which I have flashed CyanogenMod custom ROM just to get the kind of sound I desire.
I like bass punch as compared to mid-frequency or vocals or high frequency sounds.
Usually a good audio device (from my point of view) will be treated as good if it can high amount of bass without any distortion or loss in the bass audio frequency.
This Lenovo A7000 just quenched my thirst of music and that too at a price of just Rs. 8,999.
For me this is more than what I had expected ever in a phone. If you want to experience the same then make sure that you have the right head phones that can handle that much of rock solid bass.

Now coming to the imaging it was a little bit disappointing when I was comparing with low light conditions.
I captured an image on this phone and at the same place I took another photo with my Moto G and guess what. Lenovo A7000 just failed to compete even with the Moto G.
Moto G claims 5MP and this claims 8MP but it was not able to deliver the quality it claims.
I did not compare the video quality but that just looked good to me with this.

Sample images and you can find in the multimedia images gallery

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