Lenovo A7000 review with sample videos and images

Hello guys.
You might not have seen us in any review before this one.
We are new in this field and we will be bringing you quality information for sure and help you understand the product features, value for money, comparison with other phones and other stuffs.

Yesterday Lenovo started selling the A7000 via online sale and we have the phone right here with us for a while.
We may not be providing you long term review on this but we have a brief but pretty much data to explain the phone.

If you know the hardware specs then it’s fine other wise we recommend you to have the info right here:
Lenovo A7000 hardware specs page

Three things that I liked the most of the phone is:
At first place the Dolby ATMOS
Secondly the 64-bit Octa-core Mediatek MT6752m SoC
Last but not the leaset; price of the phone

When the first flash sale started it has sold 30000 units in just 4 seconds.
See here for details:

There is no doubt that this is a very popular phone. So lets not waste time and move on to review information.

I have the following reviews in hand for this phone:
Design and Display of Lenovo A7000. That includes Design and Display details
Multimedia on Lenovo A7000. That includes Camera and Audio
Performance of Lenovo A7000. That has Antutu benchmark values and Memory details
Pre-loaded software in the Lenovo A7000

You can click on each link directly to reach the corresponding review page or follow the below link to go on with us in this review.

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