Microsoft has unveiled a USB pendrive sized the world’s smallest PC

Now this has just changed the way you imagine a PC and the whole concept of portability.
This was presented by Microsoft in South Korea which is manufactured in partnership with Daewoo Lucoms, a chinese company. This is not a USB pendrive or anything. This is just looking like a USB donlge but in fact it is a PC running on Windows 8.1 and powered by an Intel processor. This smallest ever PC measures 11 centimeters long and weighs about 46 grams.

Most of the hardware specifications are really unknown at the time of writing this post.
So to know the full specification of this device you have to probably wait till May of this year when this device is going to be launched. Certainly this device has an Intel core inside and running on Windows 8.1 which will be definitely upgraded to Windows 10 at a later stage. As this PC is very much portable in nature, you have to keep in mind that you cannot just expect somewhat bigger hardware specs. Certainly this will have enough memory at least to the requirements of Windows 8.1 like 1GB or more.

As you can see in this picture that this have a HDMI port for video output and a USB port.
Probably the USB port could give you access to the wireless connectivity of the PC to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard combo.
This could be backed by somewhat 32GB or more storage space.
As you can see that this has a micro USB female port that will probably be powering this device.

Stick to us to know the pricing details, regional availability and the complete hardware specifications.
Stay tuned to get more of such updates.

VIA | Softpedia

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