NOKIA steps-in to mobile phone business

Once Nokia was a leading mobile phone manufacturer but Android has completely swallowed its position in the market and Microsoft has replaced the name Nokia from mobile industry.
As we all know that Nokia has sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in the year 2013, but yes, that really does not mean that the company has no ability to build a mobile phone business again!!! reports that Rajiv Suri is acknowledging a Nokia return to the smartphone market. Well of course, due to the Microsoft acquisition clause prohibited the company to make smartphones till Q4, 2016. With regards to licensing the Nokia brand to manufacturers, (that’s what they did with the N1) Rajiv Suri is quoted to have said:

“We are looking for suitable partners.
Microsoft manufactures mobile phones, We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license.”

The company will partner with a manufacturer and simply brand the phone hardware. It’s a strategy that’s identical to Polaroid, and Nokia has promised it will license its brand where appropriate on a number of devices in the future.

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