<br><br>Version 1.1.5 <ul> <li>* Added post view count in single post view</li><li>* Added option to enable back to top button</li><li>* Added featured image credits</li><li>* Added post subtitle</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.1.4 <ul> <li>*Important fix for WordPress 4.2 update</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.1.3 <ul> <li>* Added social icons to the about author block and author page</li><li>* Added new header style with banner space</li><li>* Fixed no responsive view issues</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.1.2 <ul> <li>* Fixed menu disappearing bug switching from responsive view to desktop view</li><li>* Improved author page</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.1.1 <ul> <li> * Fixed time in top navigation</li><li>* Fixed gallery link</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.1.0 <ul> <li> * Fixed archive page title</li><li>* Highlighted author comments</li><li>* Added option to set date in weather forecast place</li><li>* Added new home block – similar reviews block style</li><li>* Added Breaking news slider</li><li>* Added option to turn off similar post excerpt, and change post count</li><li>* Added option to remove footer branding links</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.9 <ul> <li> * Added option to replace weather forecast with custom text/link</li><li>* Added option to repeat the background image</li><li>* Added option to add link to background image</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.8 <ul> <li> * Breadcrumbs fix</li><li>* Custom weather forecast location fix</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.7 <ul> <li> * Fixed sticky menu bug in boxed view</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.6 <ul><li>* Fixed option that disables sticky menu</li><li>* Fixed bug with the top navigation when weather forecast was off</li><li>* Added option to change the link colors in post/page content</li><li>* Added breadcrumbs</li><li>* Added option to change toggle colors</li><li>* Added option to change main menu font size</li><li>* Some other minor fixes</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.5 <ul> <li> * Added share buttons</li> <li> * Style fixes on IE</li></ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.4 <ul> <li> * Fixed errors that appended on some server. – Warning: session_ start:</li> </ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.3 <ul> <li>* Added option to change body font size</li> <li>* Added option to change heading color in post content</li> <li>* Added option to show author name in single post.</li> <li>* Added new blog style ( grid view without excerpt)</li><li>* Some minor bug fixes</li> </ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.2 <ul> <li>* Fixed page builder issue with Russian,Turkish charters.</li> </ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.1 <ul> <li>* Added a option to disable responsive view.</li><li>* Added option to add search in top menu</li><li>* Added option to like video, audio and slider posts</li> </ul>
<br><br>Version 1.0.0 <ul> <li>*Initial release.</li> </ul>

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