NVIDIA gets Guinness world record for the Biggest 4K screen

NVIDIA gets Guinness world record for the Biggest 4K screen

Definitely gaming has gone extremely unbelievable.
Recently NVIDIA has released the latest Maxwell architecture GTX 970 and GTX 980 extremely feature packed graphics cards.

Recently in a video game competition at world-famous horse racing track Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, world’s biggest graphics processing unit manufacturer NVIDIA debuted the largest 4k screen.

[Nvidia’s largest 4K screen]

The biggest 4K screen measured: 1,414.36 m² (15,224 ft²).

The screen clocked in at a crisp 4096 x 2160 resolution on the display that measured 171 feet wide by 90 feet tall that sits 80 feet above ground.
Meaning that the GPU was taxed into overdrive to ensure a smooth gameplay experience.

Definitely this is something beyond imagination and really deserves the Guinness world record.
But it all seemed worth it to allow NVIDIA to hang its hat on the raw display on processing power put on successfully by its GPU capability.

[Nvidia receiving the guinness world record]

Checkout the complete NVIDIA’s story right here:
Biggest 4K screen stroy right from NVIDIA
Guinness link of NVIDIA’s 4K screen world record

Two iggest NVIDIA fans: Justin Munoz, from the San Francisco Bay Area, and Tom Lounsbury, from Arkansas battling it out on the biggest of all high-definition big screens.

[World’s Largest 4K Display Guinness World Record]

Stay tuned to get more such updates.

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