Ex-Nokia employees bring Sailfish on JOLLA

Sailfish OS based JOLLA smartphone Introduction : Once Tizen OS was introduced by this blog which is still under development by some of the leading Brand names. It may not be false if I will say that Android is the leading Mobile OS currently ruling the mobile phone market. In this Android dominating market it … Read more

Android KitKat Rolls out for Nexus 4

Here the author wants to let you all guys know, as a matter of fact, that the Google Flagship Nexus devices are the first to get any of the Latest Android devices. And hence it is not really astonishing that after a couple of weeks of introducing Nexus 5 with launching the latest Android version … Read more

Budget Android phone by Motorola, The Moto G

Google owned Motorola Mobility has announced a new low-cost budget android phone with no contract, no SIM lock and totally unlockable boot-loader phone at a price of USD 179 for 8GB and USD 199 for 16 GB. Motorola will enter into Indian market with a launch in early January of 2014. The Motorola Moto G … Read more

Android 4.4 KitKat Top features

This blog introduced you about the latest Android version when Google announced the latest Android version v4.4 will be named as Android KitKat. As Google has announced and released the new Android 4.4 KitKat with it’s own Flagship of Nexus series device the Nexus 5, so here some of the feature will be covered. Following … Read more

How to secure your android device and save your data with Android Device Manager when you lost your Android device

This post will be helpful for almost all of us who all are using an Android device. If you lose your Android device in which you have logged in to a Google Account, you can remotely locate your device and factory reset or erase your valuable information on your phone or tablet. So that at … Read more

The nexus 5 First look: Cheaper, Feature rich and The best steal in the market

The trend of Nexus series mobile phones started with Nexus One and always starts with a New version of Android designed by Google but manufactured by leading mobile phone manufacturers like HTC, LG, Samsung. Nexus series devices are the first to get the latest versions of Android. Last year at the same time Google announced … Read more

Tizen OS is coming to challenge Android OS, Linux Foundation, Samsung and Intel are behind Tizen OS

You will find most of the posts in this blog are based on Android (at least till this post). And as the author has promised to deliver the latest news on various technologies and or devices or any guides etc., so here it’s quite unfair just to provide the major information category that belongs to … Read more

The Innovation with Moto X

The first truly hands free Google-Motorola phone: The Moto X Introduction : When i wrote the first post on this blog the Moto X was already released and i thought, not to include any review of Moto X in this blog. But recently i have checked the Motorola X8 chipset featured Moto X which really … Read more

How to Download youtube videos without using any application or downloaders

I am a big fan of Android mobile OS and i do have 3 Android phones. So you must be thinking like “What will i do with this???” Calm down… Actually what happened, once i came across a video in the youtube application and i wanted to download that video to my device coz i … Read more