Panasonic 4K UHD TV running on Firefox OS

Panasonic 4K UHD TV

In this digital era each and every luxury gadget is coming with smart features and today Panasonic has launched the 4K UHD TV. This is possible due to the underlying software like: iOS, Android, Windows, Firefox OS and lot more.
After smartphones loaded with Android, Windows, iOS, Firefox OS and others, now it is the time for smart TVs those are gaining popularity.

For everything now and then the Android OS has already gained and is still gaining majority whether it be a smartphone, a smart TV or a connected car.
But to everybody’s surprise the Firefox OS is also making its space and has made its space out of the major players.
Some of the smartphones running Firefox OS has already been entered into the market.
Now it has got its entry to smart connected TVs through Panasonic.

Panasonic is one of the major semiconductor leader in consumer electronics brings you all 4K UHD gadgets like: UHD TV, UHD blu-ray player and UHD camcorder and other lot more products at the CES 2015 event.
At its press conference at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company announced four 4K Ultra HD series of smart TVs: CX850, CX800, CX650 and CX600 and in total 9 TVs are lined up for the year 2015.
Each of these new Internet-enabled TVs will be controlled by the Firefox OS from Mozilla and this series of TV also offers a voice command feature and other smart features.

Firefox OS allows users to customize bookmark pins, browse through live TV channels, browse through connected devices, access streaming services and the Internet, etc.
The flagship and most expensive TVs of the bunch will be the CX850 series, which Panasonic claims offers picture accuracy comparable to “Hollywood studio monitors.”

Stay tuned to get more of such updates.

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