Patent reveals Apple TV remote control with fingerprint sensor

Apple TV remote control
Apple TV remote

Recently a patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office probably reveals the Apple TV remote control with a fingerprint sensor. A patent application called “Device Configuration for Multiple Users Using Remote User Biometrics” published Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office lays out the technology for personalizing remote controls.

Apple has filed three such patents which mentions each device capable of collecting biometric information from a user, associating that data to a profile and remotely configuring a second device based on that information.

The idea would be to make the TV as a multi user device and let each person in a household access a personal profile on a TV, set-top box or other device based on biometric information, such as a fingerprint sensor, picked up by the remote control.

The above image depicts of a remote control with a fingerprint sensor controlling a TV. This Apple TV remote control also looks to be made to save unauthorized usage of a TV or any other such electronics appliances from children or any other person.

If you are thinking how this gonna be helpful then you are not imagining what I can see.
First of all the concept gives privacy to all the users of a particular device by implementing per user profile concept. Secondly, because of privacy and per user profile, more people can use the same device with their own user profile, which will make the device multi user.

For example:
As one example cited by Apple, a husband and wife may both use a certain electronic device, such as a TV, computer or gaming console. Both may have their own individual settings, including volume level, screen layout, screen saver, and brightness and contrast levels. Scanning the fingerprint or retina of the husband, the remote control would trigger his settings; doing the same for the wife would call up her customized settings.

Just wait and watch for more innovations like this and let us know how do you feel this is gonna help you in any way???
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