[ROOTED ONLY] Lock screen customization with Lockscreen Tweakbox

If you believe in customizing your Android phone then you are most welcome to proceed.
Today I am going to introduce a lockscreen tweaking application that will help you customizing or modifying your Android phone lockscreen with a set of pre loaded features.

LockScreen Tweakbox is the application that enhances the lockscreen capabilities.
LockScreen Tweakbox is a set of lockscreen related tweaks.
It is still a work in progress so doesn’t contain many features yet.
If you have a suggestion to add in this application or you have an idea then you are most welcome to leave ideas and the developer of this application will try to add them.

This beautiful application works on top of Xposed framework.
Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any of the system APKs.
So you have to install Xposed framework installer before installing the Lockscreen Tweakbox.

You have been warned before installation that this may brick your device.
Please take a backup of your phone data first using the follow link:
Step by step guide to take full backup of your phone data
Also take a NANDROID backup of your phone using the custom recovery.
If something goes wrong you can restore your phone’s state as it was before.

This only works with root access and on Android 4.0.3 or later.
It’s also easy to undo. As all changes are done in the memory, you just need to deactivate the module and reboot to get your original system back.
Have a look at the support thread for instructions and FAQs:
Xposed framework XDA thread


[Lockscreen Tweakbox application screen]

What all customizations you can do???
I will brief some key features over here and the next section will take you to the installation guide.

– If you forget your key pattern for a while… Not a problem.
This lockscreen tweakbox can offer you unlimited attempts to unlock your device.

– If some body is attempting to unlock your phone then you can set a number of attempts after which the phone will start scream.

– You can set a custom background image on the lockscreen.

Installing Xposed framework:

So first of all you have to install Xposed Installer from the below location:
Xposed framework installer

After downloading the application from the above link please follow the below steps carefully to install the Xposed framework.

Open the Xposed installer application and click on the Framework as marked in the following image.
The application’s screen will look something like this:


[Click on framework on Xposed installer’s main screen]

Click on the Install/Update soft button.
Which will give you a warning message but don’t worry, nothing will happen but be sure to take backup of your valuable data.

Xposed_framework_Install Xposed_framework_Install_WARNING

[Click on Install/Update and read the warning message]

Give ROOT access to the Xposed framework.


[Allow ROOT access for Xposed framework]


Installing and enabling Lockscreen Tweakbox:

Download the Lockscreen Tweakbox Android application.
Below is the direct download link to the Lockscreen Tweakbox apk file:
Lockscreen Tweakbox application

After downloading just open and install the application.

Open the Xposed Installer and select Modules soft button.
This will show you the Xposed modules installed.


[Select on Modules on the Xposed framework]

Click on the check box on the right to enable the Lockscreen Twekbox module that you have installed.
Just reboot your phone once after this and everything is DONE.
Now you can play with the lockscreen customizations.


[Enable the Lockscreen Tweakbox]

All the features of Lockscreen Tweakbox:

Unlimited Pattern Attempts
Hide next alarm text
Hide emergency call button (careful!)
Custom background colour, image or both (if image is partially transparent)
Show clock in statusbar
Change unlock ring icon
Allow notifications on secure lockscreen
“Scream” when wrong password is entered, you can choose attempts allowed

Some Planned Features on next release:

Statusbar colour and visibility
No navigationbar / Google Now shortcut
Swap navigation bar buttons for music control

If you have any concenrns regarding this application or you have an idea to suggest to the developer, then Please find the below link on the xda developer forum:
Xda thread for Lockscreen Tweakbox

Stay tuned to get the latest information.

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