Samsung brings AMD FreeSync 4K monitors

AMD FreeSync 4K monitors by Samsung
AMD FreeSync 4K monitors by Samsung

Samsung recently announced a couple of new AMD FreeSync 4K monitors. Out of two, one is 23.6-inch monitor with model number:U24E590D and the other one is a 28-inch monitor with model number:U28E590D.

Difference between both the AMD FreeSync 4K monitors:

The main difference between both the 4K monitors is panel type:
– the smaller display uses a PLS panel while the larger model wields a cheaper TN panel
– The smaller size 4K monitor gives greater viewing angles at 178 degrees for both horizontal and vertical compared to the larger display size monitor’s 170-degree horizontal and 160-degree vertical
– Finally the U28E590D has a higher brightness (370 cd/m2 versus 300 cd/m2) and lower response time (1ms versus 4ms)

Both the 4K monitors have HDMI and DisplayPort connectors, Picture-in-Picture support, and a Game Mode that Samsung claims intensifies the visual experience by rapid response to changing colors and brightness. There could be a difference of what is claimed by the company and real experience.

The real thing has not come into picture in this article yet, which is the AMD’s FreeSync technology that is working behind these two 4K resolution panels. FreeSync is AMD’s open version of Nvidia’s proprietary G-Sync technology, both of which purport to eliminate screen tearing and reduce things like input lag for an overall smoother gaming experience.

The U28E590D is available for $600 MSRP and the U24E590D will be available on July 26 for $400 MSRP.


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