Samsung inFlux, a New LED Module for High-Flux Industrial Lighting

Samsung inFlux is the new LED module lineup for High-Flux(extremely bright) industrial lighting. The LED modules serve as a replacement for conventional T8 and T5HO (high output) tubes and are suitable for high-flux LED luminaries covering up to 40,000lm (luminous flux*).

As we know that LED powered lights are power efficient and Eco-friendly as compared to legacy fluorescent bulbs which use mercury underneath the glass and consumes more power than LED bulbs. The only disadvantage with an LED bulb is the cost involved as compared to a CFL bulb. But for an industry where the number of CFLs will be more and hence the electricity consumed. Thanks to Samsung’s inFlux LED module lineup High-Flux industrial lightning where the price to power cost can be compensated.

What’s inside Samsung inFlux High Flux lightning package:

The Samsung inFlux LED module incorporates the company’s mid-power LED package (LM301A), which features advanced “flip chip” technology that enables a shorter junction-to-base distance and less thermal barrier layers in each package, while avoiding the need for metal wire bonding. This leads to lowering the thermal resistance of the packages, and permits each package to handle a wide range of current with improved light efficacy. Fully embracing the flip chip LED approach, the new inFlux modules can provide better light performance, wider current alternatives and much lower heat resistance than modules using a conventional epi-up chip package.

High-efficacy mid-power packages bring additional benefits to customers, compared to using high-power packages. Mid-power packages can be placed more densely than high-power packages, which results in minimizing light deviation and increasing light uniformity of the inFlux module lineup. By utilizing a mid-power package, the inFlux lineup also brings cost benefits to manufacturers.

Availability of Samsung inFlux High Flux lightning package:

Samsung inFlux modules are available in six product types. Each type comes in a different flux range between 1,310lm and 9380lm with a length option, either 280 millimeters (mm) or 560mm, and offers several CCT color variations, including 3000, 3500, 4000 and 5000K. These product alternatives will offer lighting fixture makers more design flexibility in addressing a wide variety of application requirements. Through a combination of different module types, LED fixture manufacturers can vary their lamp flux from 6,000lm to 40,000lm.

Certification of the Samsung inFlux High Flux lightning package for industrial usage:

The Samsung inFlux modules have been UL/cUL certified (U.S.), as well as CE and ENEC certified (Europe), and carry a 10-year warranty. It will be easier for the fixture makers because of Samsung LED’s established relationships with recognized certification companies in the U.S., Korean, European and Chinese markets which will simplify complex procedures, reduce time to market and ultimately have a positive impact on overall costs.

“By providing a wide variety of installation layout options and brightness intensities, our new inFlux linear module will deliver greater design flexibility and convenience for lighting designers, as well as high performance and reliability for fixture manufacturers,”

said Jaewook Kwon, Vice President, Lighting Marketing Group, LED Business Team, Samsung Electronics.

“We will continue to reinforce our well-differentiated LED lighting engine lineups to be able to meet more diverse market needs.”

For more information about Samsung’s LED business, please visit Samsung Business.

*Note:  Luminous flux (lumen or lm) is a measure of the total amount of light (lumens) that a light source emits.

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