Samsung is gaining partners in its SoC business???

Samsung is a well known name in the Semiconductor industry, which is more into consumer electronics business. Samsung is also the market leader in the smartphone business at least for the couple of quarters for this year now.

Samsung is also producing its own SoC chipsets for its own devices and now Meizu has become a good customer for Samsung’s Exynos 7420 line-up SoC. According to Meizu’s VP, Li Nan recently revealed that the company had decided to scrap the MX5 Pro lineup in favor of a new high-end series. Now, Pan Jiutang, a popular analyst reveals that this new high-end smartphone will use Samsung’s Exynos 7420 chipset. The Samsung Exynos 7420 is the same processor that powers the largest selling smartphone of the year 2015, the Galaxy S6 lineup and because of what today Samsung is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in across the globe.

The Samsung Exynos 7420 is a 14nm SoC, and which clearly indicates that this will be definitely a high-end phone. If the above information is true then Meizu has some strong intentions and hope behind the Exynos 7420 series smartphones which lead to scrap the Meizu’s MX5 Pro lineup smartphones.

It seems like Meizu is one such player in the smartphone industry that is trying different combinations of hardware and software to bring its name and position. Recently we have seen that Meizu has launched the MX4 Android version and also the Ubuntu version.

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