Samsung Patents for an Automatic Ejectable Pen Designed for the Galaxy Note

patent for automatic ejectable pen
Samsung files patent for eject-able stylus pen
Image Credit: Patently Mobile

Samsung’s patent for automatic ejectable pen

According to patently Mobile this month the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Samsung that relates to an electronic device such as their Galaxy Note having an automatic ejectable pen or input touch system.
With this patent for automatic ejectable pen technology Samsung claims that this can enhance the convenience and usage of the Stylus pen in the Galaxy Note series.
The way you are able to eject a CD/DVD from a PC or laptop by right click and eject option, in the same way this invention is that the pen could stay locked into the smartphone and only released until the user provides a special voice command and/or gesture.

For more info on this patent and what technology Samsung has used behind this, you can follow the patently mobile link. The patently mobile link provides somewhat more details on the technical aspects of the patent filed by Samsung.

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