Samsung to update patch for the SwiftKey exploit

SwiftKey exploit
SwiftKey exploit
Recently it was reported that Samsung’s SwiftKey exploit can give the control of your Samsung phone to the attacker. Today in an official statement, Samsung has said that it’s working on an update that should fix this potential-but-obscure avenue for exploit in its custom keyboard on a number of its most popular phones.

Below in a statement on the SwiftKey exploit matter, Samsung says:

“Samsung takes emerging security threats very seriously. We are aware of the recent issue reported by several media outlets and are committed to providing the latest in mobile security. Samsung Knox has the capability to update the security policy of the phones, over-the-air, to invalidate any potential vulnerabilities caused by this issue. The security policy updates will begin rolling out in a few days. In addition to the security policy update, we are also working with SwiftKey to address potential risks going forward.”

Wait for this patch and install this immediately as soon as you can. Still then you just stay tuned to InfySim for more latest news on you favourite technology.


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