Solar powered laptop

The world’s first truly solar-powered laptop which never needs to be plugged in.


A laptop is a portable battery powered Personal Computer suitable for mobile use.
If you have a laptop means you have instant access to almost each and every bit of your personal, official information an lot more.

Think of if you are running out of Battery charge and you do not have electicity to charge your laptop battery… then what???
You will be having so many things around you like: wind, fire, water, solar energy and many more.
From where you will get the source to charge your battery???
The only source will be AC power source… and it is not available at all of the places where you go.

Among the things around us; Solar powered devices are there with us since many decades. So, can we use that to power our laptop or store the charge???

A Canadian R&D corporation has already come up with the solar powered laptop.

So here comes the world’s first truly solar-powered laptop as claimed and developed by WeWi Telecommunications, Inc.



Introducing SOL :

SOL is a solar powered laptop which never needs to be plugged into the grid.
SOL was developed to enhance education in developing countries but is also great for all adventurers around the world as claimed by WeWi Telecommunications.
Its unique design allows you to take SOL with you wherever life takes you.
Most importantly, it is affordable.


Key Features :

    • Sun operated
    • Rugged and Waterproof
    • Runs on free software (Ubuntu Linux)
    • Beautiful design


    Hardware Specifications :

    The SOL is launched at a price of $350 and the submersible version is priced at $400 (Both are estimated US price list by WeWi).
    capable of being immersed in water or functioning while submerged.
    So for the corresponding price tag you are getting very rugged and beautiful design, a water proof companion that never needs to be plugged in to the power sources really makes it innovative and unique.
    Check out below what else is missing for you???

    Here goes the hardware specifications :

      • CPU: Intel Atom D2500 1.86 GHz Duo Core, Intel 945GSE + ICH7M
      • RAM: Kingston 2-4GB DDR3 SDRAM (Options Available)
      • GRAPHICS: 1080p HD Video playback, Built-In Intel GMA3600 Graphics
      • STORAGE: Seagate 2.5ā€ SATA HDD 320GB
      • DISPLAY: 13.3″ LCD, WXGA, 1366 x 768
      • AUDIO: Realtek ALC661 HD Audio, Built-in 2 Speakers | Internal mic + 1/8ā€ input
      • CAMERA: 3MP
      • H/W INTERFACE: 3xUSB 2.0, 3.5mm Headphone jack, HDMI, Card reader (SD/MS/MMC)
      • NETWORKING INTERFACE: LAN(10/100), Integrated Digital Core BT4.0, MIMO 802.11b/gn (2.4/5GHz), 3G/4G World/multimode LTE, gpsOne Gen8A GPS connectivity
      • BATTERY OPERATING TIME: 8 – 10 hours


      Accessories* for your SOL mate :

        • 13.3″ Neoprene Sleeve for SOL
        • SOL Drive
        • SOL hEar Earbuds


        *Official link you can find in the reference section.

        Detailed review of SOL laptop :

        The first thing that makes this laptop special is the SOLAR PANEL that makes you free from the weird AC source battery charging concept.
        WeWi claims that this UBUNTU powered Solar charged Laptop will run for 10 hours (It’s really amazing) if the solar panels (which hide in the lid behind its display) are unfolded for 2 hours.
        The Intel Atom D2500 processor and the 13.3″ display are the major parts consuming most of the power.
        [Please visi the benchmark link below in reference section.]

        Apart from the odd CPU selection, rest of the spec for this laptop looks great at the corresponding price tag.

        It has only LAN(10/100) and USB 2.0 ports.
        As the world grows in data communication speed, the SOL should have a Gigabit Ethernet conectivity and a USB 3.0 interface.

        Apart from the above mentioned facts, SOL comes with Ubuntu which saves some of your Proprietary OS installation cost.

        SOL laptops are just announced and so some of the statements like about the solar chargeable feature and the price tag are not yet finalized by the manufacturer.

        Some of the questions may come like as the following:
        Whether it requires a sun to be charged or with some sort of light source this can be charged???
        What if there is no sun in the sky and the sky will be cloudy???

        And lot more questions will come to argue at this moment !!!

        Please keep in mind that this thing is just announced and not yet finalized by the manufacturer.

        Stay tuned to get the latest information.

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