Zero day flaw in Apple iOS and MAC OS x reveals user passwords

Zero day flaw in iOS and Mac OS X

As per The Register, Six university researchers have revealed deadly zero-day flaws in Apple’s iOS and OS X, claiming it is possible to crack Apple’s password-storing keychain, break app sandboxes, and bypass its App Store security checks. Attackers can exploit these bugs to steal passwords from installed apps, including the native email client, without being … Read more

Samsung to update patch for the SwiftKey exploit

Samsung Swiftkey exploit

Recently it was reported that Samsung’s SwiftKey exploit can give the control of your Samsung phone to the attacker. Today in an official statement, Samsung has said that it’s working on an update that should fix this potential-but-obscure avenue for exploit in its custom keyboard on a number of its most popular phones. Below in … Read more

Keyboard hack compromises over 600 million Samsung phones

Samsung Swiftkey exploit

Over 600 million Samsung mobile device users have been affected by a significant security risk on leading Samsung models, including the recently released Galaxy S6 as reported by NowSecure mobile security researcher Ryan Welton. The risk comes from a pre-installed keyboard that allows an attacker to remotely execute code as a privileged (system) user. Summary … Read more

Critical zero day fix for WordPress hosted websites

A critical zero day fix for WordPress hosted websites is now released by Maintainers of WordPress and they recommend to update the sites immediately. The flaw is a stored cross-site scripting (XSS) issue that can be leveraged via the comment section of a website running WordPress, by hiding malicious code that is executed on the … Read more