Meizu MX6 to run on Helio X20 with 10-core processor

MediaTek announced the Helio X20 chip back in May last year and the first mass-produced samples were expected to be available to the manufacturers by the end of 2015. Elephone P9000 was the first smartphone to supposedly utilize the X20 chip, but as it turned out the phone was downgraded to the Helio P10 with … Read more

Acer Predator 6 is an Android Gaming phone with 10-core processor

Acer Predator 6 is the Android powered smartphone in Acer’s Predator series of gaming devices which has a 10-core processor underneath its surface. Not yet confirmed but it seems to be the Mediatek Helio X20. Earlier we reported that the Elephone P9000 may be the first to come with a 10-core processor, but we were … Read more

Elephone P9000 may be the first to come with 10-core SoC

Elephone P9000 with Mediatek Helio X-20

It seems like the Elephone P9000 will be the first Android smartphone to pack a 10-core Mediatek Helio X-20 SoC. Mediatek’s high-end Helio lineup chips are intended to take on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series and Samsung’s Exynos 7 Octa powerhouses. The Elephone P9000 Android smartphone is expected to debut on October 20 with a … Read more