Nokia phones appeared on fresh leaked images

Early last week we got some Android powered Nokia smartphone photos leaked, which was an apparent prototype of an in-development handset. If you will see closely there nothing more was revealed there at that time but now we have some more fresh pics of a similar model and a new Nokia phone. Far more than … Read more

Nokia smartphone leaks in photo, could be Android powered

Nokia’s return to the smartphone business in 2016 has been debated for quite some time now. Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri made an official statement that Nokia steps in to mobile phone business back. A new image of a purported Nokia’s Android prototype has surfaced on the internet. Nokia’s Android smartphone has been in the news … Read more

NOKIA steps-in to mobile phone business


Once Nokia was a leading mobile phone manufacturer but Android has completely swallowed its position in the market and Microsoft has replaced the name Nokia from mobile industry. As we all know that Nokia has sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in the year 2013, but yes, that really does not mean that the … Read more

Ex-Nokia employees bring Sailfish on JOLLA

Sailfish OS based JOLLA smartphone Introduction : Once Tizen OS was introduced by this blog which is still under development by some of the leading Brand names. It may not be false if I will say that Android is the leading Mobile OS currently ruling the mobile phone market. In this Android dominating market it … Read more

Microsoft is Acquiring NOKIA’s Devices and Services

Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s … Introduction: As you all know that MICROSOFT CORPORATION is the market leader in Software, Services and solutions and NOKIA CORPORATION was once the leader in mobile market all over the world. Now once again NOKIA has come up with LUMIA streamlined series of mobile phones in the battle of mobile … Read more