How to Increase AdSense Revenue (CPC) with Proper Ad Placement or Using Ezoic

How to Increase AdSense Earning and CPC

In one of the post I explained how I got more earnings from AdSense by speeding up the website response. You can achieve the same by changing your hosting provider to Cloudways or any hosting that provides server side Varnish caching. If you are a blogger and AdSense is the only source of revenue for … Read more

How to Configure h5ai on WordPress (File Indexer)

Configure h5ai on WordPress

If you have a website that provides downloads of pdfs, document files, zip files etc. then you can host the files on your own WordPress site using h5ai. The advantage of hosting the files on your own website is to gain backlinks. When people link to the files hosted by your site, you gain backlinks … Read more

How a Fast Loading WordPress Site Resulted in More Ad Clicks and Better SEO

Fast WordPress site more Earning and Page Views

You might have already read or heard many times from SEO experts that loading speed of a WordPress site (or any website) is important. And they have also told you it may result in better SEO, traffic and more ad clicks or more sales conversion, etc. If blogging is the only way for you to … Read more

Why and How to setup Cloudflare for WordPress for FREE

Cloudflare is one of the best Free CDN options for small business websites or small blogs. Her goes How to setup Cloudflare for your Self Hosted WordPress or any other website or Content Management System. Before that you may or may not know about Cloudflare, So I will take you to an introduction explaining what … Read more

How to disable comments in WordPress

How to disable comments in Wordpress

Recently I was searching for how to disable comments in WordPress for some of the pages in my website like the “About Us” page and the “Contact Us” page where I don’t want people to comment. Disabling the comments is really a simple process but I got the solution after searching for around half an … Read more